Loved by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide, Thermapen thermometer is renowned for Its speed, accuracy and durability. Its ergonomic design makes these food thermometer probes ideal for quickly carrying out HACCP and other health and safety checks with confidence.

We have a variety of Thermapen thermometer models for different applications. Our Thermapen Classic and ONE folding meat thermometers are ideal for taking the temperature of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, as well as cake and confectionery.
Both catering and industrial professionals often need to measure air and surface temperatures, such as hot plates and water pipes. Our Thermapen thermometers with air and surface probes are perfect for this.

For busy kitchens where food safety is paramount, Bluetooth food thermometer probes enable users to take paperless measurements. Find the best Thermapen for your business below.

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Thermapen Thermomter