Oven temperatures are measured by an instrument called Oven Thermometer. Temperatures can be checked with the help of an Oven thermometers . This insures that the temperature remains consistent throughout the baking or roasting time.

Oven Themometers are made for both grills and kitchen ovens. Eachthermometer is designed for the purpose of measuring temperatures within each type of oven. Oven Thermometers are mostly found in kitchen use .While tThe thermometers for the grill will be referred to as a Grill or Grilling Thermometer. At times, the Thermometer may also be used as a Suface Thermometer . So that it can measure temperatures on the suface of pans or grills. Typically, each guage will be manufactured so they can either be hung from oven racks or clipped (or placed) onto grill grates. In order to be positioned so tempertures are accurately measured.

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Oven Thermometer